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Beck'N Ridge Australian Labradoodles

Breeding High Quality Dogs of Distinction

In East Tennessee

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About Us and the Breed

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At Beck'N Ridge Australian Labradoodles, we researched to find what we believe to be the perfect family pet. We take our responsibilities very serious and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our pets. Each of our dogs are raised in loving homes and are very much the center of fun for their families while being highly socialized.

Breed History:

The Australian Labradoodle was originally bred by Wally Conron in the 1980's to be a loyal, smart hypoallergenic guide/service dog.  Conron bred the poodle with the Labrador retriever, creating a dog that would be compatible to those that suffered from allergies and/ or asthma. Conron hoped by merging the dedication and temperament of the Labradors  with the well-known hypoallergenic traits of poodles, as the Australian Labradoodle Association of America notes .he would get a dog with the perfect demeanor for a service/ therapy dog.  From first litter of labradoodles only one of the puppy’s dander and saliva passed the test. This dog, Sultan, went to live with a family in Hawaii as a service animal while  Conron went on to further his research and breed generations of labradoodles, further decreasing the likelihood of allergenic dander and saliva in the bloodlines of subsequent dogs.  We are WALA members. Connect below.

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Our Handsome Stud

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

South Mitten Beckon Call  *Beckley*

This goofy little boy certainly has won our hearts with his infectious desire to be a cuddle bug when he is not being the class clown.  There is constant laughter and snuggles with my guy.  If you are ready to relax, Beckley is your partner as long as his tummy is getting rubbed. His favorite game is to lure the cat into a game of hide and seek.  It is like having a real live teddy bear in the house.  He quickly learned basic commands and loves the water. The litters of pups he has sired are extremely beautiful and very smart.

Dark Red (Rufus Gene) Mini Multigenerational
Australian Labradoodle

15"  22lbs  S/Sp Bbee
Birthdate- December 29,2021
Health Testing clear and passing for:
Eyes- CAER clear
OFA-Hips- Clear  Elbows- Negative

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Our Story and Mission

      We have a long personal history of adopting rescue animals and giving them a loving home.  We love and appreciate rescues and those that rescue, but hate there is such a need to rescue.  We started looking for "a doodle" to rescue. After researching many potentials and seeing the issues folks dealing with in rescue groups, we decided to  start  breeding quality doodles that would help eliminate many of the common health, behavioral, temperament and structural issues  we were seeing from  gambles breeders had taken by not  genetic testing breeding prospective pairings.  These issues can keep your pockets drained as a pet responsible pet owner and leaves many animals in rescue situations when owners could no longer afford to give their pet additional medical care or training. Mother Nature is never a 100% guarantee, but we strive to eliminate the risk factors by researching and genetic testing potential mating pairs with extremely low breeding coefficients. A long legacy in health history was a must to be considered for our program. 

          The Australian Labradoodle was the perfect choice since every generation stems from only the best of the best original dogs to pass health, hypo-allergenic, structure, joint and temperament testing.  We belong to one of the three Australian Labradoodle Associations, WALA and offer contracts with every dog in our program with health guarantees.  Our goal is that never should one of our dogs ever end up in a rescue situation.  Companion dogs have a spay and neuter requirement by contract.  We adhere to high standards because we want the best possible happy life for you and your beloved pet.

       We stress behavioral training in all of our dogs.  Training you to be the best pet owner is essential.  We start from birth and do early neurological and stimulus training to desensitize pups to common fear issues that create behavioral issues. We have wonderful local trainers that we recommend or help you find a great positive motivation trainer in your area.  Our hope is that many of our dogs become therapy and service dogs to people dealing with PTSD, diabetic, seizure and medical alert needs.

        As a responsible dog breeder, we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of an Australian Labradoodle. We are not raising a family pet, we are raising your next family member.  We stress good training, excellent care and match your lifestyle to the temperament of our pups.  Our goal is to give your family the best possible four legged member that is well adjusted and has a long legacy of excellent health history through generations of tested ancestors that started at the  Teagan Park and Rutland Manor research programs in Australia.  Each of our dogs comes with a pedigree that traces and show each ancestor back to the original program.  We hope you will reach out to us if you are looking for a new furry family member.  We would love to be a part of your happy home!

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Meet our beautiful four-legged matriarchs. They are all health tested, well loved, and extremely smart. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.  DNA profiles on file for positive identification.


Wagging Tail Keira Noelle *Keira*

Red Tuxedo Mini Multigenerational
Australian Labradoodle

15.5"  17lbs S/Sp Bbee
Birthdate- Oct 16, 2020
Health Testing clear and passing for:
Eyes- CAER clear
OFA-Hips- Clear  Elbows- Negative

Keira is a smart and agile little lady.  Don't hide from Keira as she has the nose of a bloodhound and will seek you out.  She has beautiful red tuxedo markings and a wavy silk fur that shimmers when she prances as she walks.  Keira won our hearts quickly with her quickly ability to learn tricks.  Keira love her playmate "Kitty Boy" the cat.  She completes our home and we adore her.

Barksdale Elianna Star *Ellie*

Carmel Solid Mini Multigenerational
Australian Labradoodle

15"  19lbs  S/S  Bbee
Birthdate- October 31, 2020
Health Testing clear and passing for:
Eyes- CAER clear
OFA-Hips- Clear  Elbows- Negative

Ellie is the queen of her castle.  She has a spunky personality and is a fun loving little girl.  She loves to snuggle and is always down for a belly rub. She has a beautiful thick wool caramel coat and beautiful green eyes.  Her inquisitive personality ensures there is never a dull moment .  She guards her yard from pesky squirrels and lives an adventurous life with boat rides and trips with her humans.

Prim Couch2_edited.jpg

Wagging Tail
Lucy Primrose

Red Tuxedo Abstract Mini

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle


15"  17lbs

Birthday Feb 26, 2021

Health Testing clear and passing for:

Eyes- CAER clear

OFA- Hips Clear, Elbows Negative


Lucy Primrose or "Prim" as she is called is a beautiful little lady! She has a wonderful personality and disposition. Prim is very attentive to her surroundings and was easily trained.   She silky fleece coat and little  grin compliments their cute demeanor perfectly.  Prim has a super power of leaping as if she were taking flight.  Everyone falls deeply in love with this tiny package!

Email us for more information about upcoming litters at

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Past Litters


Ellie/Beckley's Creole Litter  6/26/2023

ORG Tibi

Orange Thibodeaux- The Great Tibi or T Bo -Male 2 1/2 weeks (Red)

Green- Zulu

Green- Zulu- Male Zu the Great 2 1/2 weeks (Carmel)

Lav Cher Roux

Lavender Cher Roux Dear loved one (Red) 2 1/2 weeks

Pink- Jolie Blonde

Jolie Blonde- Pink Girl Pretty little Blonde 2 1/2 weeks (Carmel)

White- Kyoo Roni

Kyoo Roni- Girl- White Our 1st little surprise 2 1/2 weeks (Carmel)

TurQ- Zy

Turquoise Boy "Zy" Zydeco "Cajun Music" 2 1/2 weeks (Carmel)

image5 (1)

Thibodeaux- "Tibi" or "T-Bo" Orange Boy 1 week

Green Boy

Zulu the Great Zu- Green Male 1 week


Cher Roux- Our Dear, loved Lavender Girl 1 week

Pink Girl

Jolie Blonde- Pretty little Blonde Pink Girl 1 week

White Girl

Kyoo Roni- Our first born surprise! -White Ribbon Girl 1 week


Zydeco-Cajun Music Blue Boy "Zy" 1 week

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the animal you are hoping for.

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Karen Hilleary

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